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As the company grew, we add up some variety in our products and the process of product line extension keep on progressing. With the passage of time KAOUF INTERNATIONAL continued the process of gathering certificates required to get recognition all over world. By the end of 2011, we had ISO-9000, CE, FDA, and GMP in our filing cabinet.

We relentlessly strive to research latest manufacturing procedures using the latest technology and achieve the highest levels of performance for customer who always aspire for high standared of products and services. We therefore are in the continuous of exceeding customer expectations, all because we know “our success comes from customer satisfaction”.

We are launching our re-designed website ( to offer KAOUF INTERNATIONAL customer an on-line "catalogue" with product images, basic information on instruments, new product announcements and more.

In today's demanding and evolving healthcare environment, investing in KAOUF INTERNATIONAL instruments is a smart move to maintain standared of quality, control cost and add value to patient care.


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