Manufacturers and Exporters of Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Beauty Care Instruments, Veterinary Instruments,
Eye Instruments & Surgical Holloware




If you are looking for the highest quality surgical, manicure and dental instruments at the most competitive prices, you need to look no more!

Our instruments are manufactured in Pakistan by master craftsmen in best equipped machine shops. Forges from top quality surgical steel, CNC milling, our rigorous quality control inspections, our dedication to manufacture the finest of the products, and our unity as one family enables us to meet the highest standadared set by the industry. That’s why, for over 20 years, KAOUF INTERNATIONAL has backed every instrument with a confident one year guarantee for rust & any manufacturing defect.

How do we keep our products so consistent and permanently high quality?

We streamline our operations, maintain a core of capable & dedicated employees, keep tabs on our inventory levels, while maximizing our technological know-how, managing our time at peak efficiency, and by strictly following the quality standards set forth by FDA.


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